Seven Reasons To Switch Camps

You might have been practicing various different kinds of training regimes, but as a woman, there is definitely one training exercise you will have heard of at all costs – if you’ve lived in the northern hemisphere (and of course, in Australia too, no offense there). However, maybe because every woman who has tried the sport has become an instant fanatic about it, you might have felt like you needed to steer clear of it – well think again then! If you still have no idea, or even you’ve already understood what I’m talking about, read on below on why you should camps today itself!

What I’m talking about? It’s Pilates Singapore. A type of exercise that usually gets defined as one which trains both your body and mind, it is overall a low intensity workout, but it still packs enough exercise in it to burn those calories away with a light sweat! As if that wasn’t good enough, below are some more awesome reasons on why you need to sign up to Pilates classes today itself!

• Full-body workouts are the way to go – the main rhetoric behind this exercise is that every move should start from the core – your centre – and gradually move outwards to use your arms or legs. Therefore, every part of your body will be utilized during these workouts.

• Injured or sick? No problem! – The best part about this exercise is that it can suit itself and change itself according to the needs of each and every practitioner. Be it a pregnant woman, or one suffering from some form of physical ailment or pain, you can be sure that they can also practise this exercise.

• Balance and strength – All the different types of workouts practised here (there are over a hundred different types of moves) establish a sense of balance within your body exactly because they use your entire body. And also, while the best exercises are low intensity, they will still for all give you a definite power-up strength wise!

• Lose weight and tone that body! – With these classes, you won’t just lose your weight from the workout, but you’ll also tone your body in no time. Losing weight doesn’t automatically mean you’ll tone your body – the first can be achieved if you burn more calories than the amount you take in daily, but for the latter, you’ll need to have a proper routine workout which shapes up your muscles.

• Connect your mind and body – To finish up, I’ll mention the tagline of this exercise – it is one which attempts to establish a connection between your body and your mind. You might not see what is so great about this, but trust me, there’s a lot. When your body and mind are on the same page, you’ll see that headaches, stress and many other annoying problems will go away and never come back. This is because mental and physical health are always two sides of the same coin – forever interrelated.