Health Care And Technology

Over the years mankind has evolved in leaps and bounds. We have made sure that things are constantly changing and that we have something new to create every single day of our lives. We have made improvements in our lifestyle with this ability. We have improved our knowledge with this ability. And with knowledge comes change. We know how to try out different things. We know how to experiment. We know the trial and error methods. And one of our finest discoveries have been with regard to technology and our ability to incorporate technology into every aspect of our lives. Even to the extent that we now use technology to guide us in handing out health care to patients.

How is technology used in medicine?

 One area where technology has come in very handy in the healthcare sector is in the imaging department. It has made it so easy for us to visualize everything inside our body. Something that couldn’t be done in the years gone by. From a physician to a surgeon, every doctor uses the assistance of imaging, both for diagnostic purposes as well as for treatment purposes such as ovarian cyst removal Singapore. Because appropriate management of the patient relies on correct diagnosis. While clinical symptoms and signs may provide a firm diagnosis in some cases, other conditions will require the use of supplementary investigations including imaging techniques.

The number and scope of imaging techniques available to doctors have dramatically increased within a generation from a time when radiographs alone were the mainstay of investigation. For example now you have the ultrasound scan which has made it possible for treatment with an IVF specialist to take place. Then there was the development of color Doppler, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which have enabled the doctors to make increasingly confident diagnoses and has reduced the need for diagnostic surgical techniques such as explorative laparotomy.

Faced with such a plethora of imaging to choose from, it is important that the patient is not sent on a journey through multiple unnecessary examinations. As a basic principle, the simplest, cheapest test should be chosen that it is hoped will answer the clinical question. This necessitates knowledge of the potential complications and diagnostic limitations of the various methods. The choice of technique is often dictated by equipment availability, expertise and cost, as well as the clinical presentation. However, it must be emphasized that, not infrequently, the most valuable investigation is a prior radiograph; this not only reduces the cost and the amount of radiation a patient receives but very often improves patient care.

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